unfinished dreams. unmeaning thoughts. unspoken words.

Forever in my mind only you
The pieces in my life go away with you

I wanted to go away with you
I wanted only you

- March 18, 2014-

Apa boleh aku egois? Tak perlu repot pikirkanmu dan hidupmu kelak tanpa aku. Hanya aku dan hidupku.
Apa boleh aku egois? Tak perlu repot memutuskan dan berharap kesabaran dan pengertianmu. Tanpa pikirkan perasaanmu.
Dan apa aku boleh egois untuk lari dari kenyataan?

This is about a pathetic story

We both live in a same house, same bedroom. 

But we rarely meet each other. 

When i wake up, she has went away, struggling for some money.

When i go to sleep, she even not coming back yet. 

And about the other one,

We live in the same building *i can’t call it as a home anymore*

I saw him, he saw me. 

But we never talk each other.


Nobody but the moon knows where I am. This abandoned street has been named as my own and I escape with lost songs and aching shoulderblades.
This is where the stars saw me sobbing beneath their glowing forms. This is where the trees held my fetal form. This is where peace kissed me and laid me down for rest.
I am here for no reason but to become a breeze and breath of neverending time.

(Source: sheddinpetals)

Tau kenapa aku suka naik gunung? Supaya aku bisa lepas dari kehidupan nyata dan menjadi seorang lain meski hanya tiga hari.

All this time, I always try to be nonchalant.

I mute, I close even I keep kill my dreams in order to minimize the pain.

'this' made me numb. i don't have any more dreams. 

"Don’t cry! Never do!" i said to myself. 

Maybe someday….

i find someone who can do magic, and he wipe away tons of burden from me.